Razi Chemical

As part of our program to reach out to new markets, expanding our presence, we have chosen your region and we are offering a wide range of quality products, both industrial and household, with competitive prices.

Our company is the biggest manufacturies of glues and adhesives in the Middle East region with products such as: contact, all purpose, epoxy, wood, metal, textile adhesives, a wide range of glues, sealants and spray paints. All the products mentioned are of competitive quality and use the best raw materials in their production supplied by the world-famous like  Wacker Chemie AG.

With more than 30 years of experience and incorporating 9 production sites with production of 35,000,000 tons/year, we have managed to secure 70% of our domestic market and a significant amount of the region’s market. We have exports to countries such as: Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Oman, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan which yields annual export revenues of up to $100 million.


We take proud in gaining the Best Iranian Brand Award twice and the Consumer Rights Recognition Award three times, resonating our ultimate goal which is customer satisfaction. We have also succeeded in acquiring international certificates and standards listed below:


1- ISO 9001:2008 (QS Swiss)

2- ISO 10668:2010 Brand Valuation ICS Group Certification Inc. - Canada

3- Premium Quality Award - ICS Group Certification Inc. – Canada



Our commercial proposal is as follows:


  • Quality products with competitive prices
  • A varied assortment of products, both for ind

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