Yekta Hamrah Razi

Razi Yekta Hamrah Broadcasting Company was founded in 2014 in support of 40 years of experience of Razi Chemical Company in the production of chemical product portfolio. Since its inception, the company has always strived to carry out all its processes and activities in a highly scientific approach so as to be a leading and modern company in the field of distribution and distribution services in the country. Yekta hamrah Razi Company The realization of this lofty goal, through the use of science-based online sales monitoring systems, has always sought to remedy shortcomings and improve its enforcement practices.

The creation of a knowledge management system and the use of professional consultants in the industry have been instrumental in the development of the company. Yekta hamrah Razi Broadcasting Company has expanded its units in two areas of staff and operational organization due to the expansion and diversification of its activities.

Headquarters include marketing research, marketing and market development, distribution, information technology, planning, quality control, administrative and human resources, finance, treasury, commerce, systems and services. Strategy, stockpiling and funding. These units are responsible for the planning and administration of financial affairs of Razi's unique mobile broadcasting company, and in the field of operations, sales units of Tehran - City - Organizational - Chain - Food are the strong hands of the company in attracting customers and ultimately the goal of all. Units attract customer satisfaction and sales promotion.

Yekta hamrah Razi Broadcasting, by gathering market information and data, evaluates its performance on a continuous basis in market analysis and evaluation of company status and company, and establishes and executes its short-term strategic plans for achieving these goals. 

Yekta hamrah Razi Company Values:

Commitment and responsibility towards employees, customers and stakeholders

Positive impact on society

Occupational health

Identify, grow and flourish individuals' abilities

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