Wood adhesive
Woodworking adhesive

Wood adhesive

Vinol woodworking adhesive with transparent film and with high strength his suitable for various types of woods (hard,soft,colored),polystyrene foam,wooden materials and objects,laminates and porous surfaces.

Wood adhesive

How to use
the intended surface must be completely dry,clean and free of any forms of grease and dust. Apply enough adhesive using apalette knives on one or both surfaces for woods with uneven and rough edges and leave them in an environment with moderate temperature. Put the pieces together and press on them .Adhesion time varies according to the type of wood and environment temperature (15 to 60 minutes).

One of the unique features of this product is its excellent power,strength and high maintenance time. Newly applied adhesive can be easily cleaned. This product can be stored at above zero temperatures and this ability would prevent the product from freezing.

Safety and health tips

Vinol woodworking adhesive has no risk of fire . In case of contact with skin and eyes should be washed immediately with water . In case of fire ,use CO2  gas or water to fight it.



quantity in Cartons

60 grams/tubes

84pcs in carton


24pcs  in carton

750 grams/tubes

12pcs in carton

4 kilograms/buckets

4 cans in carton

9 kilograms/buckets

1 cans in carton

21.5 kilograms/buckets




Vinol woodworking adhesive can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

Technical specifications

Vinyl Stat

Polymer base




Minimum film formation